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Charlie Brown Christmas Song "Linus and Lucy"

A rock guitar version of the Charlie Brown Christmas classic, “Linus and Lucy”. Dave Munkhoff’s ripping lead guitar enhances this Vince Guaraldi tune without taking anything away from the melody. There’s even a little jazz piano break that captures the cool feel of the original version.
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Classic Rock Guitar Christmas Download

Dave’s Classic Rock guitar version of everybody’s favorite Christmas carol, “Little Drummer Boy” is now available for download at CD Baby. Munkhoff’s signature melodic style is perfect for this beautiful song. The guitar stays true to the original melody while adding exciting flourishes that remain tasteful. This is a single song download available for only 99 cents at CDBaby.com.
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Bach Concerto in A Major

Exciting classic rock version with multi-layered heavy guitar, drums and bass. This is Bach's composition, complete with all of it's parts, just as it was written hundreds of years ago. I can't get over how timeless Bach's music is. Bach's melodies have always sounded great on classical guitar, but amazingly, they work just as well on an electric guitar played through a Marshall.
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Gone With The Wind

Hard rock instrumental featuring shredding melodic guitar solos with cosmic spacey stuff in between. This original Dave Munkhoff classic rock composition showcases masterful guitar technique and a tasteful, controlled style resulting from years of experience.
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Gone With The Wind
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Christian Rock Guitar - Amazing Grace

Dave gets religious with his Classic Rock guitar version of his favorite traditional hymn, “Amazing Grace”. Munkhoff’s soulful blues slide guitar style compliments the beautiful and simple melody. There must be a reason why most of the world's beautiful music was written in trbute to Christ.
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